Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Before uni starting I just want to have solo exploration around central London. To make my journey cheaper I chose to travel at off-peak time. That is a smart idea, isn't it? Not only that I save some money, but also I have more time to check what’s around, too.

At Liverpool Street 
 On Monday I found out about Hillsong Student prayer night at 7.30pm at a beautiful church. The nearest tube station is Bank. And it’s about 40 mins away from the tube nearby home. Hmmm..
I hopped down into tube before peak hour at 4 pm. And the train didn’t stop at Bank street. So I hopped up at Liverpool Street. Wow this really made me miss my student life moment in Liverpool even if it’s just all about the name. Nowadays, no one come into my room and look around my room and laugh at how I put stuffs inside haha.

When I arrived at Bank station area I saw crowded people in black suits and I had no idea what on earth was happening.  I checked if I also wore black? Yes I did. Then women in official uniform told all of us to move out and I did not know why.

It was at the crowded hour after work

“I want to be in the film!” a man shouted in British English accent. I spotted around if there were any famous actors around?

But then I had to move out. As I crossed the road to another side, I found a camera man and I saw that the movie is ‘The Gunman’. While people seems to be moody as Bank tube station was closed, I was so excited to see how they do this filming. I saw that moody people walking pass fast look so real. I grabbed my video camera up and shot behind the scene of the film.

Observation behind the camera

I was standing there until the camera man moved to shoot at another place.  At the same moment it was raining. I walked to a stylish coffee shop, PRET! 

Just chilling out..
At Hillsong Students Prayer Night! 
A new friend :) 
I had great time in prayer night for students starting in September, including me in. So my day in enrollment at my uni today was fresh :D 

Fresh and Bright Ideas!!
She will be in my vlog again! Hehe! 
At the Forum, Harrow Campus, the University of Westminster
Ending my blog with fav song from Hillsong! We sang this worship song in prayer night on Monday too! And you'll see it this weekend on my Youtube channel :) Yay! 

Where I go

You will go
You never leave me
When I'm lost
There's always hope :)