Wednesday, 31 October 2012

An incredible visit to place of awesome memories in Singapore

My visit to Singapore this time was just a fast one, but this small trip had given me an incredible moment just to reimagine of how my life was when I studied here. The trip started in  26 October 2012, I collected my gown from a friend of mine the next day, and the day after was my higher diploma graduation ceremony, the fourth day I came back to Bangkok. My family was there with me too in this trip, and that's made my trip been yummy because we love eating so much, haha.

Yeah, it was my super short trip in Singapore, especially when the anonymous flight was so delayed for an unknow reason. Two and a half hours delayed! That's why we missed proper dinner time on flight and this flight neither provided us any food while waiting to fly at 11 pm. When we were in the flight, we received unhealthy looking of beef lasagna for late night dinner. That made us felt so sick.

I was wondering if that yacky foodies caused the flight to be delayed or something. I felt so sorry for previous passengers who experienced that food like us. Like me, I thought that food was nice so I finished it all. But that has put me to difficulty in my stomach the next morning. Actually, I was not really sure if that was the real issue that cause late flight. Anyway, we had good foods there in Singapore, and they were my favorites dishes when I was in Singapore as an oversea student.    

The next morning, or rather noon, we went to China Town for lunch. We wished to eat uncooked fish with porridge but the restraurants in that particular area was temporarily closed for building development. So we had chicken rice instead. We were too hungry and forgot to capture picture of our lunch. After lunch, we walked around that area and found interesting sweet drinks. We drank our own cups for each. We bought durian and mango bread. And we found this Austrian bakery.  

It is just quiet not so unexpecting for me to see China Town in almost every country that I have been to. But here, there is also a European famous cheif in China Town. I just searched for this shop on google and found his blog There are some interesting articles about his shop, his hometown and profile of his shop in Singapore. I missed my study experience in UK a little after saw this food. Although I has not have a chance to visit Austria, this kind of shop and the breads reminded me of European atmosphere.

In the evening, I collected my gown from my friend at Orchard. So we had dinner at the basement of ION in Orchard. Here, take a look at my favorite meal. 

This is Toufu Soap, my favorite food for dinner. I can choose any toufu and/or vegetables for minimun 7 pieces at the price of 4+ SGD. Having this for dinner and drinking soya drink afterwards will definitely help you to lose some weight and bring happiness as a result. I experienced that haha.

Orchard Night Light

Other yummy foods...

Fried Oyster

Hokkien Mee

Now I officially graduated Higher Diploma of Arts in Mass Communication from TMC Academy, Singapore. Hulay!

Thanks God for such an awesome experience oversea. It is unforgettable. I hope to see you Singapore and friends there soon :) .  
It might be too quiet here in this blog as I graduated my degree and will officially have a celebration for that next year. And this blog is all about my student life oversea haha. So, just to let you know, I am still alive in blogging world here Basically, it's just all about me lol. For another unknown reason for the day, you will see me blogging on yummy foods again. Well done, fantastic. Have a nice season. 

Winter is coming :3 Are you excited for cold weather? Nope, you might not. But it is just quiet common for us people in Thailand to wait for winter. I hope to see snow here in Bangkok. Hahaha.