Thursday, 29 December 2011


I say "hello!" to all :) hmmmm.. it's the first official page of my blog. Honestly, I've never written a blog in English before, so I felt a bit shy and weird hahaha! Why? I don't know.. but I think I might accidentally say some sentences in Ting-lish (Thai + English), and the audience will scream! like arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! what are you trying to say? but never mind. Ha ha ha!

Well, let's go to the point! I'm a young teenage girl (sorry if the way I talk is similar to 60+) =D My hometown is in Bangkok, Thailand! I grew up and studied there until the second year of high school..
                                   Thai Christian School (taken by my phone with low cam quality)
I studied there since 1996 till 2010; there are a lot of kids in my school :=)

Studying abroad was my dream since I was young. When I was 9 year old, my family went to Singapore for holiday. As a little girl, I was amazed by everything I saw there such as the automatic tap systems and clean town. My mom said to me that it seems to be a good place for studying :) so I dreamed .. I did not think it could come true.. but I still hoped for it..  

I always enjoyed listening from my friends who studied abroad in summer holidays (when I was in secondary school). There were 2 of them went to U.K. together. They shared stories and few nice photos.. hmmm and I thought it would be so cool if i could go there cos' I like British English accent, I love traveling and wanted to know people from the other side of earth :D. 

My dreams of studying overseas turned to be true in 2010. I got a scholarship to study diploma + higher diploma in Mass Comm. in Singapore. Before I went there, I had big plans in my mind that make me laugh when I think about them now.. I planned to find part-time job, update my blog every week, etc. 

 Friends from Thai Christian School said goodbye at Suwannaphum Airport

Flying off to Singapore

Clarke Quay

When I went there I realized it was a real student life! I didn't really have time to do such things. There were challenges coming through my life that moment. It was like all I wanted was just to get all my assignment be done! On the other hand, it was fun as I know I was not alone haha! My friends also had a hard time rushing for last minutes work. I like it when we kept posting on Facebook at night before the assignments' deadlines. But finally we're done =D I graduated higher diploma! =]

 My Messy Study Corner :)
 Alternative place for doing assignments:D 

Classmates :D 

And thennnn .. next destination Liverpool! I'll be taking Bachelor degree in Mass Communications. I will be studying around 3 months in  Singapore and then the next 3 months in Liverpool John Moores University. Now, I have to manage my time :) you know, I mean manage my time both for studying and traveling! ah hahaha! I'll take more photos and videos; and share them here :D This journey starts next year in March. I don't know how it gonna be but I'm EXCITED!