Monday, 28 May 2012

I am here! =-) woohoowoohooo

:) time always flys fast. And this was I had been waiting for..

Wine coffee! .. oops nope. It's wine served in a bottle of starbucks. That was my small celebration after finished my report before went to UK. I couldn't finish my wine, though. I was really tired =-) and was really happy at the same time! One reason was that my family came to visit me in Singapore. 

They were with me just for 1 night and 1 day, and we gotta say goodbye. Well, just 3 months =3 I'll be missing them a lot, but I will graduate soon! so I fly! 

(24th-May-2012) This was the longest trip on air I ever had. And I enjoyed foods there! 2 meals for each flight haha! (From Singapore to Doha, and then from Doha to Manchester). 

Yup, I woke up and ate good good foods =3 

 This game was so fun, but I got to admit that I disturbed a guy who was sitting on that seat lol.

 (25th May 2012) flight from Doha to Manchester- good coffee =3

and finally I'm here! ~~

Bath room! =3 my private bath room that gonna belong to me alone yay for these 3 months

 Good bed =) 

@liverpool city centre

breakfast =3

Dinner with classmates from SG

Wahaa yup =3 I'm gonna fall a sleep soon haha. Gonna write more other days =3 byebyee