Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coffee journey in Lambanana City

Superlambanana Iconic of Liverpool City :-) 
   ALright, it's been one month in Liverpool. And I'm escaping from my routine into blog again. As I promised in last chapter, I'd like to share about life in Liverpool in aspect of people, places, and culture here as well, and not just about study @w@ hehe! Somehow, I'm going to share about what I shared many many times haha. COFFEE! But before start on my coffee journey, let's see what I had been doing last week on Saturday (16-June-12)....    

Eating free breakfast :).

Haha, actually I attended WoW's (World of Work) workship by LJMU. We've learnt be to self-aware O_O when applying for jobs =).

And we ate free foods again! This is for lunch. Super duper yummy. 

So that was my happy saturday <3 And after having had good foods, I ran to return book betfore Library gonna close, and walked through the rain, and walked inside Costa's coffee shop. 

Medium Hot Cappuccino @ Costa in Liverpool One

It's medium size, but actually big when compare to my face. It's not just a cup of coffee; it's a soup bowl, I guess.

Let's take a good look. Hmm.. this is really cappuccino, the size is too big, though. In consequence, I really wanted to go toilet after that; and my brain stayed awake for the whole night. Ah-ha! so, that's how the idea of writing about coffee experiences came.

First of all, I was interested in Costa Coffee Shop since I stepped in Liverpool. I was blinking while looking through the window. And again, when I had rail trip around U.K., I saw this coffee shop every where!

When I actually stepped my big right leg inside there, I was wooooo, there were a lot of people waiting to go inside. Surprisingly, although many people waiting to buy coffee, there were a lot more seats avalible for me and a friend of mine (but that doesn't mean I gonna try different feelings of each and every seat). Unlike in Singapore, there will always be a lot of people having chit chat, or either, secondary school students studying. Hmm, I'm also interested that people in U.K. often carrying hot coffee and walking everywhere. But for that day, I just wanted to sit, so I sat and enjoyed the coffee. Hmm first taste, just like ordinary cappuccino like everywhere. And after finished half of it, I was so alert, and realized man, this coffee is really brilliant (of course, the reason is its size).

However, the real first impression of staying in UK was nice coffee! Unfortunately, I didn't take photo of da cup. But if I start to open my mouth and say it.. ah-haa you say,.. really? but yes. Subway's Black coffee. It was strong that couldn't finish it, but fantastic!

Self-made Coffee @hostel

My mom bought me Nescafe Gold from Thailand to Singapore, and I bought it here. Usually, I like drinking it <3 But hmmm I found that milk in Liverpool is nicer than anywhere else that I tried haha. So, it was great to mix with it. Semi-skim milk is just nice. Don't buy pure skim milk, mann, it just tastes like water that washed milk.

Cappuccino by LJMU's coffee machine for 60 pence

I <3 to drink this one before seminar session begin. But careful, don't put big money into the machine. The snacks' machine ate my 1 pound, and didn't give any thing for me to eat T^T.

Liverpool One 

Oh yea, I bought a small cup of coffee; drinking and walking around there yesterday. Simple & enjoyable.

                                                       Hope City Church

Welcome coffee by church :-). I drink every after service. <3 Huhuhu can't wait to go there on this Sunday :D.

Well, there're much more thing that I want to share. But I need to stop. Scream. Okay, well, =-O that's alright haha. Aeeeeee. I just wish I could write more blah blah blah. but need to go back to routine. blah blah.. :D Lalalalalalala!

Traditionally, I have to leave every chapter with music 8-3. Today, I'll share this. Hahaha. Listen and enjoy!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Burning Meat Balls

         God's favour overwhelm my life :). Once, He blessed with good mark for my report. I know it was by His help that I've got 72% for it. In the time of need, His faithfulness never fails. Again, He protected me and my flat mates from danger.  

  On Wednesday (13-June-12), In the morning, I put meat balls in oven to prepare for lunch break and went back to my room. While happily drinking coffee and enjoy listening music, I smelled something burning and thought "hmmm, who uh? over smoking!" then I remembered, "Oh nooo, my meat balls". I ran back to the kitchen and found burning plate of meat balls. Thanks God, someone saw it and off the oven for me. I threw the black meat balls away, and tried to wash the burned plate with panic, hopefully that no one would see me in such a situation. The smoke was still in the kitchen, so I opened the windows wider. The burning smell was all over my flat, wondering if other flat mates could smell it as well. 

I was embarrassed while feeling thankful for someone who helped to off the oven's heat. I asked each and every of my flatmates whether they saw my burning meat balls. No one knew about it! So, now I knew who saved our flat from burning! =) 

14-June-12 @my room's window 

It's been the second week of my study in Liverpool. For these first 3 weeks, there are 3 modules; Hollywood and Genres, Representation, and Media Bussiness. And we have assignment to submit every week! Yes, every week! 

So, you know the feeling of typing down on my blog while in reality I have a big mountain of assignments? It's like a window to self-reflection of what I'm doing right now =). I mean, my life path is a long way. Studying now is just the first step.. a good good start. :) While enjoy studying what I like, I also facing difficult time with tough assignments, but I know it in my heart of what I'm dreaming for ;).   

 Commercial advertisement break: "Hmmm yummy chicken steak ready-meal, good meal for under level-3"  (quotation inspired by a flatmate who is in love with the Sims; sims burn house if the cooking skill is under 3). 

Other than those 3 modules, I have a big big project to do. It's mass comm project, in other words, student thesis project. My project is now approved by my supervisor! And he seems to be interested in its concept. The topic is on "Escapism" in the Sims Social. And so I need to ground knowledge on how scholars have been discussing the meaning of escapism.

Women escape when read romance 

 Other books

 Virtual Reality

 This is also virtual reality! My virtual roommate ;)

 At first, I intended to log-in to virtual world and observe. But it is known by now that because of ethical issues, we can't do such thing. Blah blahhh. So I moved my focus to be on attitudes and performances by facebook users toward the Sims Social.

And these books are for another assignment. Aeee =-3 

Bye byeeee! Jumping off to do assignmentsss :) 

Leaving with fav worship from Hope City Church =-). It's a video from Hope City Church in Sheffield. I attended Hope City Church, Liverpool ;).
Sunday is the day I love the most. It's like real day! haha.. that I can meet and talk to local people. =D. Hope that I can write about local stuffs in next chapter of Laughing around the world =) ! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Smiling face :D that's colorful meal I cooked. It's been 3rd week here in liverpool already! Wow! OMG. Yes! Tomorrow will be the first day of lecture and I'm quiet excited hoho =3 The first subject is Hollywood & Genre. Our class starts early in the morning. And we have to walk from our hostel to Uni.. gotta leave my lovely at around 8am 8*). Ah haaa hoho huhu haha. It'll be like this from mon to wednes. And so I guess, that's included in my exercising timetable. Well, I don't think I'll have time to jog anyway =P We've got huge mountain of assignments! And yup, yess..yesss.. my legs have been so aching .. from my rail trip!
Woof woof! =P

1st stop in Glasgow, Scottland ( 31st May 2012). My first impression is this fish & chips <3 :3 Right after had first taste, I was ummm ummmm nom nom. When ate half I was like... aeeeee super duper full! hahaha!

Eaten best with cappuccino! I love coffee here in UK. =-) I was quiet surprised that hmm coffee in different places are actually not the same. And so, it is interesting. Maybe, I can write good articles about coffee taste in my travelling journeys, who know? I could be famous from wrting those articles? hahaha. Hopefully and believe that God has a great plan for my life =-) yay!

So this is how my face looks nowadays O_O Oh it's the consequence from wisdom tooth who left me.

3rd day of journey (in Salisbury -  2nd June 2012). It's stonehenge! the mysterious stones. And the photographer in this pic is a friend of mine lol. I put a photo of her without permission so eiei .. I am an ethical journalist! haha! So, her face is kept in mystery like the story of stonehenge.

Here are the bottles of local liqueur in Salisbury =-) wooohoooooooo

Chocolate liquer! awesomeeee @w@ 

My hometown's foods here in UK. 5pounds! man. Super expensive O_O 

Last destination in London! =)

Happy breakfast @ the hostel in London :) 

London bird :) 

    Now, my adventure in rail trip has ended. But the adventure of life in UK has just started! Especially, studying journey ah ha and that's the main purpose of being here =-). Since I stayed here, I faced some anxiety with new living environment. Although it'll just be for 3 months, but the turning point from having holiday with family in Singapore, and leaving then to study in Liverpool was dramatic. But, when I started to open my blog, inspiration, hopes and dreams just refreshed me, and all in all; God leads me always. He knows me even before I realized I was born. Therefore, I can enjoy my life and always rest in His love. I know studying in degree is hard for me, but I'm glad that I can come to God honestly and just let His strength overflows my weaknesses.

My life is long! Long and endure forever with Heavenly Father. Enjoy the simple things I have in me, for God will multiply them for greater things far beyond I could imagine. And He is with me always! 

Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
If I go up to the heavens, you are there;
if I make my bed in the depths, you are there.
If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.
If I say, “Surely the darkness will hide me
and the light become night around me,”
even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you. :)
(Psalm 139: 7-12)