Thursday, 21 June 2012

Coffee journey in Lambanana City

Superlambanana Iconic of Liverpool City :-) 
   ALright, it's been one month in Liverpool. And I'm escaping from my routine into blog again. As I promised in last chapter, I'd like to share about life in Liverpool in aspect of people, places, and culture here as well, and not just about study @w@ hehe! Somehow, I'm going to share about what I shared many many times haha. COFFEE! But before start on my coffee journey, let's see what I had been doing last week on Saturday (16-June-12)....    

Eating free breakfast :).

Haha, actually I attended WoW's (World of Work) workship by LJMU. We've learnt be to self-aware O_O when applying for jobs =).

And we ate free foods again! This is for lunch. Super duper yummy. 

So that was my happy saturday <3 And after having had good foods, I ran to return book betfore Library gonna close, and walked through the rain, and walked inside Costa's coffee shop. 

Medium Hot Cappuccino @ Costa in Liverpool One

It's medium size, but actually big when compare to my face. It's not just a cup of coffee; it's a soup bowl, I guess.

Let's take a good look. Hmm.. this is really cappuccino, the size is too big, though. In consequence, I really wanted to go toilet after that; and my brain stayed awake for the whole night. Ah-ha! so, that's how the idea of writing about coffee experiences came.

First of all, I was interested in Costa Coffee Shop since I stepped in Liverpool. I was blinking while looking through the window. And again, when I had rail trip around U.K., I saw this coffee shop every where!

When I actually stepped my big right leg inside there, I was wooooo, there were a lot of people waiting to go inside. Surprisingly, although many people waiting to buy coffee, there were a lot more seats avalible for me and a friend of mine (but that doesn't mean I gonna try different feelings of each and every seat). Unlike in Singapore, there will always be a lot of people having chit chat, or either, secondary school students studying. Hmm, I'm also interested that people in U.K. often carrying hot coffee and walking everywhere. But for that day, I just wanted to sit, so I sat and enjoyed the coffee. Hmm first taste, just like ordinary cappuccino like everywhere. And after finished half of it, I was so alert, and realized man, this coffee is really brilliant (of course, the reason is its size).

However, the real first impression of staying in UK was nice coffee! Unfortunately, I didn't take photo of da cup. But if I start to open my mouth and say it.. ah-haa you say,.. really? but yes. Subway's Black coffee. It was strong that couldn't finish it, but fantastic!

Self-made Coffee @hostel

My mom bought me Nescafe Gold from Thailand to Singapore, and I bought it here. Usually, I like drinking it <3 But hmmm I found that milk in Liverpool is nicer than anywhere else that I tried haha. So, it was great to mix with it. Semi-skim milk is just nice. Don't buy pure skim milk, mann, it just tastes like water that washed milk.

Cappuccino by LJMU's coffee machine for 60 pence

I <3 to drink this one before seminar session begin. But careful, don't put big money into the machine. The snacks' machine ate my 1 pound, and didn't give any thing for me to eat T^T.

Liverpool One 

Oh yea, I bought a small cup of coffee; drinking and walking around there yesterday. Simple & enjoyable.

                                                       Hope City Church

Welcome coffee by church :-). I drink every after service. <3 Huhuhu can't wait to go there on this Sunday :D.

Well, there're much more thing that I want to share. But I need to stop. Scream. Okay, well, =-O that's alright haha. Aeeeeee. I just wish I could write more blah blah blah. but need to go back to routine. blah blah.. :D Lalalalalalala!

Traditionally, I have to leave every chapter with music 8-3. Today, I'll share this. Hahaha. Listen and enjoy!