Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Every walking moment For Your delight :)

It has been around one month since I came back to my home town in Bangkok! My first week of resting at home was such a weird experience. Yeah, I have been missing UK a lot :-) I wish to go back there one day and soon :)

Although I came back home, my feeling of eating Western is still here. And here, I had Western dinner with my family in one rainy evening. Thank You Lord for foods, keep me healthy and happy, Amen!   

This week, my parents went for working off-Bangkok, and I followed them, but for my own holiday haha. My home country got good foods too!

And I do need balance of exercise haha. It's been raining almost every evening and I've been feeling lazy to go jogging in the morning. Gosh.

Now let's come to good news! At night while resting in the hotel off Bangkok for holiday, I got new annoucement that my exam results now avalible to check. I was so nervous. Also, there is always some problem with internet connection when we are outside city like that you know. So, I was feeling more nervous as I couldn't download that document file at that time. And finally, before I fell a sleep, I decided to check it out. And checked it! I screamed! My mom also screamed. I got 1st classitification for my bachelor degree. Hulay! All the praise goes up to Daddy God.

I believe for good things to come. There must be more things to experience. I am still young and strong haha. I'm looking for full-scholarship for master degree study oversea. Hahaha, then, this blog will be updated again in next season :). Additionally, I am looking for a job placement. I am looking for new experience in my hometown. I am going to develop my real working skill huhuhuhu. We'll see how it goes :). I have also decided to start writing an article in Thai and get it published. I am also continue writing fiction, it's Christmas story though. haha. In fact, I wanted to publish this story for Christmas last year, no worries, I am closing my story for this coming Christmas.

Do you like Christmas? Almost everyone like it! I am thinking of opening another blog? To write about anything? yea, so I can include holiday stories as well. What do you think? hmm..

Talking about holiday...

Here, videos of my trip in UK before came back home. :)


Monday, 3 September 2012

We did it :-)

Life has seasons..
Time fulfills dreams..

and as I look back to what I've learnt in these 3 months in UK, I remember how good my life has been here.

I never had this feeling before, and it is the first time I graduated! It sounds so unbelievable, but it is true. It sounds like just a dream that I had such a good opportunity to study in different cultural atmosphere.

Me & food in prom night :)

Time of celebration is valuable. It reminds how life is and fulfills inner desire with inspirations.

I miss u, Liverpool :)

:) good wine at good place and in good time 

Happy cat and his good rest

wonderful place

a new friend

 fabulous foods! 
Cool night :) 

I miss them all! :D