Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Memories

It has been a month since I came home. A warm hometown where I was born and raised. I do still keep thinking about time-zone in London, a lovely place where I had a great adventure. 

A beautiful winter in London, 2013

When can I see you again, oh oh oh oh? It seems like not long ago this time last year when I enjoyed the cool wind and coffee night at my friend’s house. I am missing my student life there a lot. Of course, my learning journey keeps going everywhere and anytime. 

This Christmas I will be spending time with my family. And Jesus is who we celebrate for (: My life would not has been this fun without Him. I still remember Christmas in my childhood. 

I could not think of any moment that I do not know Him. Jesus knows me and has promised that He will be with me always. 

I put my trust in Him and pray that His peace will be shared from heart to hearts. 

It was so strange to volunteer in Sunday School, in a good way (of course!). I saw a girl whose personality is exactly like me. Even my mother agreed when I showed a photo of her. She is silent and probably the youngest girl. She is polite and always observes what other friends do, just like me when I was a little. 

Now let me say about the present haha. Yes I do not know when I will stop missing my adventurous journeys. Probably I won’t stop (: but I know there will be more to come for sure. 

This is my last post for ‘Laughing Around the World’. I thank you everybody that have read my stories. I am planning to start writing more in a new blog. There are several topics I can think of now but will need a little bit more time to choose at least one. For updates from myself please follow me on Twitter: @keurkoon ! 

Wish you all happy holidays! 

Rainbow (Keurkoon P.) xxx