Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hungry posting

It reminds me of my arrival

As you see from this blog title, I'm hungry right now and I decided to write my short blog post for little update instead of eating at this hour! I put not so consistence photo at the top too, but it's just there for purpose of representing something and you can probably interpret it into different meanings as you'd like. 

That's fine, I am flexible haha :)

My class finished at around 8pm tonight. From now to December I have classes from 10am to 8pm. So yup, happy happy! And I got my weekend vlog uploaded on Saturday.

In next vlog for coming weekend, you will see Sunday worship by Hillsong London! Woohoo! :) And other little things I've done in town and will do for the week. 

At Hillsong London
Thank God for amazing Sunday! He set this day for us to rest and praise Him :) 

And I have to go to bed now because I'm sleepy and hungry too! Probably gonna have some biscuits first hehe. Huge lists of readings are waiting for me for the next morning.

Bye now, and enjoy listening to my another fav worship song from Hillsong :)
yay! !!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Before uni starting I just want to have solo exploration around central London. To make my journey cheaper I chose to travel at off-peak time. That is a smart idea, isn't it? Not only that I save some money, but also I have more time to check what’s around, too.

At Liverpool Street 
 On Monday I found out about Hillsong Student prayer night at 7.30pm at a beautiful church. The nearest tube station is Bank. And it’s about 40 mins away from the tube nearby home. Hmmm..
I hopped down into tube before peak hour at 4 pm. And the train didn’t stop at Bank street. So I hopped up at Liverpool Street. Wow this really made me miss my student life moment in Liverpool even if it’s just all about the name. Nowadays, no one come into my room and look around my room and laugh at how I put stuffs inside haha.

When I arrived at Bank station area I saw crowded people in black suits and I had no idea what on earth was happening.  I checked if I also wore black? Yes I did. Then women in official uniform told all of us to move out and I did not know why.

It was at the crowded hour after work

“I want to be in the film!” a man shouted in British English accent. I spotted around if there were any famous actors around?

But then I had to move out. As I crossed the road to another side, I found a camera man and I saw that the movie is ‘The Gunman’. While people seems to be moody as Bank tube station was closed, I was so excited to see how they do this filming. I saw that moody people walking pass fast look so real. I grabbed my video camera up and shot behind the scene of the film.

Observation behind the camera

I was standing there until the camera man moved to shoot at another place.  At the same moment it was raining. I walked to a stylish coffee shop, PRET! 

Just chilling out..
At Hillsong Students Prayer Night! 
A new friend :) 
I had great time in prayer night for students starting in September, including me in. So my day in enrollment at my uni today was fresh :D 

Fresh and Bright Ideas!!
She will be in my vlog again! Hehe! 
At the Forum, Harrow Campus, the University of Westminster
Ending my blog with fav song from Hillsong! We sang this worship song in prayer night on Monday too! And you'll see it this weekend on my Youtube channel :) Yay! 

Where I go

You will go
You never leave me
When I'm lost
There's always hope :) 

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Huray!!  Shout ‘huray’ for celebration to the end of week 1 of me here in London. On Friday I hopped off home to Central London and took my video camera with me so that I can have something to talk with. And someone noticed it and she told her friend. I couldn’t help but laughed for unknown reason.

Recently I laugh on street too loud. Maybe I’m just so energized by new drinking coffee time in new time-zone. Yesterday I listened to the conversation of a group of old ladies while waiting to cross road. They were discussing about the ‘wait’ light sign and whether they should cross or not. I turned away and laughed. Then one of them knew it. So they changed conversation to be about my laughing instead. After that I saw a little cute boy crying. He reminded of someone I know but in baby version and I couldn't stop laughing. So I guess it has been a happy week!

I’m so happy that finally I got my first vlog uploaded on Youtube. You might notice that I actually don’t laugh that much in the video, maybe? It is something new for me and I love doing this. I see it as a documentary of life that will be very great to watch again after long period. In the future I will say to myself “oooooo I had this moments in my life when I was young”. And it is great to keep in touch with friends and my family in hometown intimately.  I told my parents to watch this on big screen and set 3D mode so that they can probably jump into magical circle and pop up in London with me. And you can try it too by watching the video below.

Here are some photos from my trip on Friday…

Cider and Mexican food from Real Food Market
Yummy Polish Pie 
Singing Performance At Royal Festival Hall

Interesting Architecture
You are adorable and I want to smash your tummy!!
Bye for now, update with you again soon! =) End my post for tonight with my favourite worship song we sang in church today - Leaning on The Everlasting Arms in True Grit movie version (my fav Western genre film!!)

What a fellowship, what a joy divine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms;
What a blessedness, what a peace is mine,
Leaning on the everlasting arms.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Got saved from Jet Lag in London

Travelling abroad to the other side of home country gives us exciting moments, while we need to overcome jet lag too.  Counting the difference in hours of time-zone causes great psychological impact. Oh what my friends, family, relatives, or boyfriend probably doing now? Oooohhh it’s time to eat.. ohh it’s too early to eat when I look at my hometown time-zone.  Yeah, it’s really the psychological thing.

Arrived in London on September 9th, 6:30 am after 12 hours journey!

Now it’s the third day of me in London. Woohoooo! I’m surprised to myself that I overcame this problem of jet lag! I just don’t want to be too emo at the International Welcome Programme of my University. I decided not to take any nap on the day of arrival. I mean I didn’t sleep in day time. Just gotta get fresh air and stop counting on Thailand time-zone too much.  

So I hopped off my room after shopping for few stuffs and put in there. I walked on street and tried to talk on video camera to introduce on the starter of amazing master degree studying journey in London.

Vlogging is talking to the video camera alone

Failed. I was so paranoid that someone going to laugh at this crazy girl who enjoy talking with herself. In reality I spoke softly and turned off video camera immediately. At least it helped me to feel a bit of excitement. So it didn’t fail at all, right?

The programme was held at Baker Street,  the University of Westminster in Maryleborne Campus. We played games, had chit chat, ate free foods and drank free wine.

Westminster Business School at Baker Street
Rainbow ice-cream at the opposite side
Fun game!
Smiling at free wine
New friends from Harrow campus and they are postgraduate students, too!
Today I had my favorite black coffee from Subway. Everything around me changed immediately. I knew it in my heart that I wouldn't suffer from jet lag anymore. I smiled to myself as I saw reflection of myself on my phone. I was so happy and couldn't stop laughing at the talk session about theaters and cheap eats. At that moment I was not paranoid too much. And as I’m writing this I start to think twice.

I wanted to make a brand new adventure by getting off the tube station at Northwick Park instead of the station nearby my flat.
Northwick Park Station is close to my campus

I was amazed at my campus. Finally I saw the real one after have been practicing walking around via Google Map. I tried to find way back home. The more I walked further, I more I felt that I was at the right way. Half an hour later knew I got lost. Thanks God, I found my other way back home, and it was fun.

Right now I’m sitting in my room and trying not to look at the living thing that has tiny legs called a spider.

She disturbed me. She screamed. I put an umbrella against her leading to window but she doesn't want to go by my way. She is sleeping now I think. I better sleep peacefully. Just prayed that she will leave my room safely, amen.

Being excited with little moment overcame anxiety about sleeping time. Just sleep! Haha! There must be more good stories to be told. By the way, I have not given up on my plan to upload weekly vlogs. But probably just need to adjust strategies a bit. Like, don’t talk with myself to the video camera in tube of course. But find quiet place to speak up. The place without loud noise. Don't do it near that spider yeah!  


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to inspirational student life in London

How amazing to be back to place in memories and enjoy experience journey oversea again! I am so blessed to have this opportunity as a young learner in UK even though I graduated bachelor degree already.  

Just counting down 5 more days to go! I am more than ready to feel this cultural atmosphere  =) During 4-months top-up degree last year, I was in Liverpool and you can go back to look at my previous blog posts. 

 I miss Superlambanana in Liverpool

And I miss drinking too much coffee in Costa too!

You can see summary of my travelling and studying on my video below too!

I visited London only twice when I studied the intensive course, but now I am actually going to be in London for at least a year (I just dream to be there longer woohoo).  

Having been considered on wide range of academic fields relating to media, I decided to take MA Social Media at the University of Westminster. At first I wondered if I should study creative writing as I thought it’s going to help me to specialize in writing.  I thought I could escape from serious academic world by taking the course to explore the imaginary worlds of famous authors .

Then, I looked at different universities that have creative writing and all I found was that I need to do academic research on literature as support on written works, too. I have not explored to any academic works on literature yet. No real framework in my mind on that, I just watched some clips videos arguing in political point of view towards fiction writing. And all I realized is that I am living in the real world and people have real souls concerning real world's issues. So that's why we need that sense of escapism. 

Now that I remember that there is a framework I have been so into during my studying last year. I did a research for my bachelor’s degree on online relationships development by playing with identities on a Facebook’s like simulation game entitled “Escapism in The Sims Social”.  And I want to do something similar to this with longer time for investigation and that I can bring more insights into a similar topic.

MA Social Media at the University of Westminster is a new course and I am going to be in the first batch to explore on it. I am very much excited to learn from the course and meet candidates with this similar interest.

On the journey I’m going to share about life experience via weekly vlogs on my Youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/Rainbowlaughs55/ 

It is going to be a documentary of my life in London as an international postgraduate students in London starting from the flying day to London from Thailand on 9th September 2013. The videos focusing on my self-talk around life in London and bed room are going to be posted weekly on every Saturday (will confirm about the day again when I post my first vlog).

Additionally, you can follow me on twitter @rainbowlaughs55 and check out my photos stories on instagram http://instagram.com/rainbowlaughs55/ 

My short bio on instagram describes me well =) hehe

I will just spend this last 5 days with my happy family members who are always supportive, and finish my packing finally haha.  

Update with you on starter of exciting journey to London soon! =)