Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Got saved from Jet Lag in London

Travelling abroad to the other side of home country gives us exciting moments, while we need to overcome jet lag too.  Counting the difference in hours of time-zone causes great psychological impact. Oh what my friends, family, relatives, or boyfriend probably doing now? Oooohhh it’s time to eat.. ohh it’s too early to eat when I look at my hometown time-zone.  Yeah, it’s really the psychological thing.

Arrived in London on September 9th, 6:30 am after 12 hours journey!

Now it’s the third day of me in London. Woohoooo! I’m surprised to myself that I overcame this problem of jet lag! I just don’t want to be too emo at the International Welcome Programme of my University. I decided not to take any nap on the day of arrival. I mean I didn’t sleep in day time. Just gotta get fresh air and stop counting on Thailand time-zone too much.  

So I hopped off my room after shopping for few stuffs and put in there. I walked on street and tried to talk on video camera to introduce on the starter of amazing master degree studying journey in London.

Vlogging is talking to the video camera alone

Failed. I was so paranoid that someone going to laugh at this crazy girl who enjoy talking with herself. In reality I spoke softly and turned off video camera immediately. At least it helped me to feel a bit of excitement. So it didn’t fail at all, right?

The programme was held at Baker Street,  the University of Westminster in Maryleborne Campus. We played games, had chit chat, ate free foods and drank free wine.

Westminster Business School at Baker Street
Rainbow ice-cream at the opposite side
Fun game!
Smiling at free wine
New friends from Harrow campus and they are postgraduate students, too!
Today I had my favorite black coffee from Subway. Everything around me changed immediately. I knew it in my heart that I wouldn't suffer from jet lag anymore. I smiled to myself as I saw reflection of myself on my phone. I was so happy and couldn't stop laughing at the talk session about theaters and cheap eats. At that moment I was not paranoid too much. And as I’m writing this I start to think twice.

I wanted to make a brand new adventure by getting off the tube station at Northwick Park instead of the station nearby my flat.
Northwick Park Station is close to my campus

I was amazed at my campus. Finally I saw the real one after have been practicing walking around via Google Map. I tried to find way back home. The more I walked further, I more I felt that I was at the right way. Half an hour later knew I got lost. Thanks God, I found my other way back home, and it was fun.

Right now I’m sitting in my room and trying not to look at the living thing that has tiny legs called a spider.

She disturbed me. She screamed. I put an umbrella against her leading to window but she doesn't want to go by my way. She is sleeping now I think. I better sleep peacefully. Just prayed that she will leave my room safely, amen.

Being excited with little moment overcame anxiety about sleeping time. Just sleep! Haha! There must be more good stories to be told. By the way, I have not given up on my plan to upload weekly vlogs. But probably just need to adjust strategies a bit. Like, don’t talk with myself to the video camera in tube of course. But find quiet place to speak up. The place without loud noise. Don't do it near that spider yeah!