Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to inspirational student life in London

How amazing to be back to place in memories and enjoy experience journey oversea again! I am so blessed to have this opportunity as a young learner in UK even though I graduated bachelor degree already.  

Just counting down 5 more days to go! I am more than ready to feel this cultural atmosphere  =) During 4-months top-up degree last year, I was in Liverpool and you can go back to look at my previous blog posts. 

 I miss Superlambanana in Liverpool

And I miss drinking too much coffee in Costa too!

You can see summary of my travelling and studying on my video below too!

I visited London only twice when I studied the intensive course, but now I am actually going to be in London for at least a year (I just dream to be there longer woohoo).  

Having been considered on wide range of academic fields relating to media, I decided to take MA Social Media at the University of Westminster. At first I wondered if I should study creative writing as I thought it’s going to help me to specialize in writing.  I thought I could escape from serious academic world by taking the course to explore the imaginary worlds of famous authors .

Then, I looked at different universities that have creative writing and all I found was that I need to do academic research on literature as support on written works, too. I have not explored to any academic works on literature yet. No real framework in my mind on that, I just watched some clips videos arguing in political point of view towards fiction writing. And all I realized is that I am living in the real world and people have real souls concerning real world's issues. So that's why we need that sense of escapism. 

Now that I remember that there is a framework I have been so into during my studying last year. I did a research for my bachelor’s degree on online relationships development by playing with identities on a Facebook’s like simulation game entitled “Escapism in The Sims Social”.  And I want to do something similar to this with longer time for investigation and that I can bring more insights into a similar topic.

MA Social Media at the University of Westminster is a new course and I am going to be in the first batch to explore on it. I am very much excited to learn from the course and meet candidates with this similar interest.

On the journey I’m going to share about life experience via weekly vlogs on my Youtube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/Rainbowlaughs55/ 

It is going to be a documentary of my life in London as an international postgraduate students in London starting from the flying day to London from Thailand on 9th September 2013. The videos focusing on my self-talk around life in London and bed room are going to be posted weekly on every Saturday (will confirm about the day again when I post my first vlog).

Additionally, you can follow me on twitter @rainbowlaughs55 and check out my photos stories on instagram http://instagram.com/rainbowlaughs55/ 

My short bio on instagram describes me well =) hehe

I will just spend this last 5 days with my happy family members who are always supportive, and finish my packing finally haha.  

Update with you on starter of exciting journey to London soon! =)