Thursday, 5 July 2012

Look right

Look right :) 

Look forward, look right,look down

Yoooohoooooo! =) I'm happy happy happy happy.. because the most busy week has passed! and now it's thurs! a day to rest =-)

   yes, really rested. Last night (or rather today after midnight) I submitted an essay. Ho ho ho. That was 'representation', a study on how British national identity is constructed in cinema funded by Hollywood during 1990s. That was fine, I guess, but yes it is really ok. In fact, I'm quiet interested in analyzing film because I like to watch it. Watched many many times before write paragraphs. I watched and laughed. While watching I escaped into the film, and really forgot that oh my goodness, I'm doing anessay that need to be submitted next morning. But, well, before I got into the right structure, I've been scratching my head for a week, 2 weeks.., and on the long night, and another night. But well, hmm, it is important to get into structure. So, I did it, I didn't feel that I did it well. But all in all, the most important thing is I finished already =-). Let's move on! 

  I'm a kind of person that don't like pressure! I don't like to pressure myself, although sometime I just feel stressed. I don't like stress. It never helps me to achieve any better thing. But sad and cry. I've been a bit depressed this week for a subject that really can't get a single term sucked into brain, 'media bussiness'. But thanks God, it is group project, but my brain often stops working when my groupmates try to explain. Nevertheless, I'm not depressed now. I'm happy happy haapyyyy. Yea, Liverpool people like to greet us 'are you okay?'. It's a common sentence to greet just like 'how are you?'. The first time I heard that I just didn't get it right. I thought I looked a bit not normal or something. But today I can shout out loud, I'm happy! 

Happiness comes when I talk with family members. After talked with my mom, my depression was gone. She sent a link of this song to me.


 I don't have to worry about tomorrow, I know Who holds my hand. =)

And the One that holds my hand has blessed me =). I heard good news this morning! I've got a really good mark for an assignment =). 

I've shown long verticle line for photos! I didn't say anything. I knew it's an old fashion to introduce to something. I just was lazy =-). I had a good rest today. Oh oh now it's 7.22pm already. I wonder how awesome to moved my sleeping time from Singapore's time. I know it's been more than 1 months here, but I still count my fingers to check what time's in Singapore and Thailand. I miss holidays. I miss Singaporean foods and coffee. I miss my home too! Only 2 more months to go =)! Harvest experiences as much as I can, observe and take more photos and videos, be excited for I don't know what comes after graduate, and I know Who holds my hand. =-)!