Sunday, 25 March 2012

wisdom tooth post-operation (episode 2)

Monday passed, Tuesday passed, Wednesday!! Okay, that was the day I stepped to class room after had been rested for a week! A friend of mine from China ,(I'll name her) Funny-funny, did not know that I just came back from MC and I couldn't laugh! Funny-funny kept asking me about one of Thai Horror films that she watched, and expressing how scary it was. I just stood there, and gave her a smile. Then, she continued to talk about many other things, but I could not understand what she tried to say anymore. So, I told her, "ermmm sorry there's a hole in my gum, you know, I can't talk much my dear, and also I haven't been really eating for a, I guess there's not enough blood in my brain..I'm kinda blur blur". Her expression suddenly changed, because she also had  this same experience; it was even more scary than mine; and more scary than the film she watched. Then, I started to laugh softly.   

Thursday (22-March-2012) was the day I went for removing surgical suture. So, I went to that same place again. The place that I will not forget.. A woman who reminded about the appoinment on phone seems worried about  me. The day before, she called me and I thought it was a student service from school. So I asked her "I have to collect (some document) with who?". And she asked " Are you okay?" that what she asked again when was in the clinique.

Now, let's skip to the important part. removing surgical suture!
The docter is nice to be as always :) He said "arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh open your mouth wider". I admit that it was not as easy as the first time, but I tried to open wider, and wider...And then I saw a scissor O_O He put it into my mouth and then 'cling cling cling cling' "ok! done! very good!".

I found that I can open mouth much easier after removed the cotton out. However, the left side of my mouth was a bit numb. So I'll have to be back here to check again in the next month. and also, I have to start brushing my teeth :) he said, "you must brush you teeth ahh! very very important ah! otherwise, infection..."

(@Orchard) This is my food  for a small celebration with myself haha. I don't know what motivated me to buy bubble tea =-=. I spit all the pearls out =P

And I moved into a comfort zone :) A kid zone in books store! :D 

 Tin-tin collection! :D 

(@compass point) I miss drinking this Japanese rice liqueur =) It's not too expensive, I guess.. $13? that sounds okay.. I think. But I did not buy any =P I can't drink alchohol now; it'll affect my tooth nerves; many many nerves 

Friday (23-March-2012)

(@school) Chicken Spaghetti for lunch (the taste is somehow like Chinese food =-=)

(@Sengkang Community Club) Yay! My laptop+Moblie broadband were there with me. I can be online there =) How cool! 

Saturday (24-March-2012)

It was the second time that I visited National Musuem of Singapore :) I went there again coz' my friend, Lu Lu, had extra free tickets haha! So, we went there and observed around. 

National Musuem of Singapore presents everything about Singapore :) There's a lot of information. Although I've been there once, I still couldn't really see all part of the musuem. 
And the green things that make me look very 'clumsy' (thanks P'Saosao for the new vocab suggestion) are the guides explaning about stuffs shown in the musuem.  

Sunday (26-March-2012) 

I was glad; it was another day for walking around the world (ermm just some small small parts in SG, actually)! Mos Burger was my lunch. I ordered meal set; did not expect the set to be that big. It was, and it was $8+ screams! So as I'm from Thai culture background, I asked the guy at counter for a plastic bag. And he gave it to me, so I was happy and excited to go Sunday church service @ New Creation Church.

 Before the church service started, I had few hours to walk and enjoy taking photographs of every inspiring thing.So, I took photographs of everything 8-)  

A tall tower @ Esplanade area

Cool piece of art at Esplanade 

Another one..

Next one..


I finally stopped at the highest floor =) It's Library @ Esplanade. I <3 this place so much. There are a lot of books about arts, novels, films, music. I went inside and had a self-studying Auuuu auuu ahhh ahhh. Yes, I have to focus on my study; but I also want to enjoy my life. So, I'll find nice places to study :D and continue to take photographs and write my blog :)) 

There's something more about it. And I want to express here. I need to go school already! ahh after school, I'll come back and say about this most important part of the blog today. 

26-March-2012 Tonight! (20 mins before mid-night)

Hi, before I gonna fall a sleep, let me continue with what I've written eariler; 'the most important part of my blog today' (but now it's night).. it's obivously a reason behide what I've said 'Yes, I have to focus on my study; but I also want to enjoy my life.'

 I had a very strong sense of 'loneliness' yesterday. I can't make it clear about how I feel by just saying that I was lonely, and it's also not easy to explain.  I want to express my feelings here, but I don't know how to construct sentences, as I'm still analyzing about my self. Also, I might not really to want to mention about my true feeling?In fact, it was just feeling at the moment.. it comes and goes, comes and goes.. but I just don't want to let it dominate my life anymore, so I let it go..

Well, I decided to write about my 'loneliness' haha. I'll try my best to put it in simple words.
From what I heard from one 'research-storyteller' , "vulnerability" is caused by losing sense of belonging.. I think this is probably relates to my lonely story =S I don't know what I'm talking about now. I'm sleepy and tired already. Let just put it in short, I have been studying oversea for two years, staying alone.. and I'm far from home, and physically far from family (I need to put 'physically', as I often talk to them via online world), and I don't have much friends here. For me, number of friends is not important, but I just feel that there is no one that I'm really close to (oops, this is very long). I have this problem with getting into relationship, I'm scared of getting into deep relationship with people in this world O_O. I know it's hard to explain, but I know someone understand what I mean. Anyway, I tried to type and construct sentences, yet can't make them understandable. So, I will just leave it like that.. now I know this is not a true feeling! it's just so confusing that I don't even know what I was talking about. Oh, but one thing came to my mind, I remembered one thing; I had been thinking of myself.. like why I can't be like other teenagers who enjoy their teenage life, you know? Why I'm so serious with study-life? (that was what I had been thinking during the time of confusion. Now, I even feel more confused when I think about that confusing thoughts lol, and I'm writing super long confusing sentences in a bracket oops; I have to stop writng about it lol really really).

Lord, You know everything. Beyond my analytical thinking, You know. And as I know how much You love me, every confusing feeling is gone. You are the only one that fills gaps in my heart. When I remember the post-operation date, the moment that I couldn't help my self , I remember that You were with me.. and You are with me now :) When I heard Your name 'Jesus', I'll think of myself. Because I am Yours. Christ is in me and I'm in You. So everything that relates to You also relates to me. My dreams and plans are placed in Your hands. I lay myself down, but You are the one to be lifted up! You are the hero of my life! And yes, the hero of this world. :) I don't have to be sad, because You are near. I don't have to try not to be sad, because I can't do that, but You bring joy to life. So let my life be filled with color again :) I trust in Your power. I believe for Your blessings beyond circumstances that I see. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Song of a week :) 
 "When we were broken inside
The River was Love
When we were thirsty and dry
You were more than enough"

So sleepy !Goodnight!
Ohh I want to show my yummy dinner hahaha (it looks veryvery breakfast! but I had it for dinner haha)      

Bye bye! hope you enjoy my sleepy blog =) I'll  be more busy week ahead, but don't worry, I'll publish new post for sure =D

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Can't play play already!

Can't PLAY PLAY ALREADY! The topic of my blog tonight is clear! haha!! I really mean it!

Yes! School started on Monday! :) It was actually a good start! I feel that I really took a great decision to study an Academic Writing course (emphasizing on thesis articles) before came back to Singapore. Haha! Now, I study degree! It's very very hard, man!

Right after the first day of school, I had to read IN-DEPTH articles; and that is what I've not really done in my higher diploma. Now, it's the time to think more critically and express my opinion out! yay!

I was a really busy week in my life, I can say that. Hahaha! We submitted 3 tasks in one week. I did not really have time to eat much (which is actually good). Every evening I ran back home, ran to bath roon, ran to my room and smash yummy little Salmon Sushi into my mouth. Sad thing about my mouth is that.. teeth pain. I got a new wisdom tooth coming up, and my teeth all cram! That's why I'm planning to go back home (if I have time), and take it off! Bye bye wisdom tooth! Hello wisdom! =-=

Another sad thing is that I don't have much time to take photographs :) But don't regret, tonight I wanna show you weekend photos of this week ;)

 (10-March-12) After I got a new student pass from ICA, I went to Bugis and enjoyed myself with this yummy dish 'Roasted Chicken Noodles' with cute chili.

Here is another dish of the same day, but it's for my dinner! I enjoyed eating it, so I think the pain from my wisdon tooth is getting okay.

Ah ha! My weekend won't be perfect with out a cup coffee (or rather cups)! :) This coffee is not strong enough for me, but it still made my evening fun =-)

(11-March-12) Chicken Wings with Rice is another fav food of mine :) After Sunday Church, I went to NEX and enjoyed eating with my self again haha!

@Sky Garden: I saw a rainbow :) and remember a promise of God =) It's my name too! haha!

It's the place where kids have fun, and parents enjoy looking at their children (I guess).

My movie night celebration ! James Bond!! Actually I don't watch male genre, but there's one article about this film that I need to read for doing assignment! So I bought this DVD!

When I was home, I got so nervous about time management. I don't know what to do first, next, later, after! I have to be very very careful because in these 3 months, there'll be no lesson to attend (but still need to go school for attendance). In other words, it's self-study!

I'm having this weird feeling of exciting, happy and nervous at the same time. And I think that's why I decided to watch that movie before start doing any work (the pain of my teeth came back, that's another reason). So I played this DVD, I found that this film is actually not bad. I turned off light, moved my body to bed and watched the film. Watched 15 mins and I fell a sleep!

Now, items of the week.......

A travel magazine! :))) ! As I dream to be a travel journalist, I want to see how they do it :)

This is awesome man. You should have one for recording your lessons in school :)

I'm very very sleepy nowww.. it's 1.50 am here.. tomorrow need to attend school @12noon yoohooooo!

How I wrote in this article is not like what I expected ahh =P I'm too sleepy :) so I just can't really express my deep inspirational things in a normal way. Haha!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Back to my student life in Singapore :))

 Having had the longest holiday ever, now I'm back here again in SINGAPORE! (27th feb 2012) Woooohooooooooo :)) I know I didn't do such traditional style of beginning the journey (you know, the photographs of airport, airplane, sky.. that kind of things), as I was lazy to touch my camera; and it was because I got huge .. not really huge, but rather งุมมะงาหลา- someone please translate this for meee. Eieieieeieiei. 
Well, okay!, don't care what I was talking about just now; but I want to present you ...

DSLR Canon Camera! Screammmm! It would be awesome, if it happens to turn to be a real one. Thanks to P'Kidudu and P'Saosao for buying this 8GB cute thumbdrive as an early birthday gift. I'll take this school! and everytime I see it, I'll remember both of you!! and also remember my great dream to be a journalist.. Hahahaha! I don't think I'll be a photographer, but this thumb-drive does still be a really good representation of what I want to do in the future. I want to be a travel journalist! I don't know how my dream will happen. Anyway, I started to do it write now! Not only that I live my life here as a full-time mass comm. student, but also to share my experiences to whoever reading my blog right now. Yes! You!! I'm talking about you!! :))

Another thing I'd like to present,....

It's my new mobile broadband :), I bought it again as I forgot the old one at my hometown.. TT^TT.. but that's okay! coz' I has decided to have this one!! I can write my blog, do assignments, research at any inspiring places! 

Talking about inspiring places for studying, I want to present you my new alternative place to study ( the last one was at Starbucks). 

Here we go....

(I love this coffee, mannnnn) 

Yeaa, as you see! I already got the assignment questions paper! Scream out loud (in my soul), but yeaa there are research papers that I was asked to read before class will start tomorrow also. Now I've done with reading. The articles are quiet interesting, although I understand only 2 out of 6 papers =P.    

The photo you see above has given you some hints of why I like to study at that place. 

But, the video below will actually give you the answer! (it was stated in my description of this video haha). Enjoy this short video :)! 

1th March 2012 was my 19th birthday! yippieeeeee! I've beening studying in Singapore since I was 17th; so, it's another year that I wasn't home on my birthday. But that's okay! I enjoyed celebrating hereeee..
This year I went for celebration at Clarke Quay with my friend, I'll name her as LuLu hahaha (You'll see that I will give nicknames to every person I refer to in this blog hahahaha; it's fun).

It's a very very cheesy pizza; we couldn't finish it by midnight lol, so I took it home and ate it for brunch on the next day. 

 That's me haha (yeaaaa =-=) and a nice cup of red wine cocktail in a bar at Clarke Quay :) 

3rd March 2012, I went out to Esplanade for reading :) hahaha, I love to move into new environment. It's my way for finding inspiration xD! I had a really great cup of Cappuccino at the library there, and enjoyed studying a Mass Comm. article.    

When I went off the library, I saw this..

Ta-daa!! If you take a good look at the woman wearing read mask..

She's a wonder woman!! :) with a cute teddy bear beside.. oh what a wonderful world that we, as a feminist community, has a wonder.. wonder.. okay never mind, I know I was just talking nonsense..

But I'm not a nonsense person ahh :) I love studying hahahahaaha! That's an evidence. alright..okay..

Those are photos I took that day.. And now it's 00.03! Tomorrow, I'm having class at 9am! I have to go sleep bye bye bye!! hope to share my experience with you soon in next chapter of this blog ;))) goodnight!