Sunday, 11 March 2012

Can't play play already!

Can't PLAY PLAY ALREADY! The topic of my blog tonight is clear! haha!! I really mean it!

Yes! School started on Monday! :) It was actually a good start! I feel that I really took a great decision to study an Academic Writing course (emphasizing on thesis articles) before came back to Singapore. Haha! Now, I study degree! It's very very hard, man!

Right after the first day of school, I had to read IN-DEPTH articles; and that is what I've not really done in my higher diploma. Now, it's the time to think more critically and express my opinion out! yay!

I was a really busy week in my life, I can say that. Hahaha! We submitted 3 tasks in one week. I did not really have time to eat much (which is actually good). Every evening I ran back home, ran to bath roon, ran to my room and smash yummy little Salmon Sushi into my mouth. Sad thing about my mouth is that.. teeth pain. I got a new wisdom tooth coming up, and my teeth all cram! That's why I'm planning to go back home (if I have time), and take it off! Bye bye wisdom tooth! Hello wisdom! =-=

Another sad thing is that I don't have much time to take photographs :) But don't regret, tonight I wanna show you weekend photos of this week ;)

 (10-March-12) After I got a new student pass from ICA, I went to Bugis and enjoyed myself with this yummy dish 'Roasted Chicken Noodles' with cute chili.

Here is another dish of the same day, but it's for my dinner! I enjoyed eating it, so I think the pain from my wisdon tooth is getting okay.

Ah ha! My weekend won't be perfect with out a cup coffee (or rather cups)! :) This coffee is not strong enough for me, but it still made my evening fun =-)

(11-March-12) Chicken Wings with Rice is another fav food of mine :) After Sunday Church, I went to NEX and enjoyed eating with my self again haha!

@Sky Garden: I saw a rainbow :) and remember a promise of God =) It's my name too! haha!

It's the place where kids have fun, and parents enjoy looking at their children (I guess).

My movie night celebration ! James Bond!! Actually I don't watch male genre, but there's one article about this film that I need to read for doing assignment! So I bought this DVD!

When I was home, I got so nervous about time management. I don't know what to do first, next, later, after! I have to be very very careful because in these 3 months, there'll be no lesson to attend (but still need to go school for attendance). In other words, it's self-study!

I'm having this weird feeling of exciting, happy and nervous at the same time. And I think that's why I decided to watch that movie before start doing any work (the pain of my teeth came back, that's another reason). So I played this DVD, I found that this film is actually not bad. I turned off light, moved my body to bed and watched the film. Watched 15 mins and I fell a sleep!

Now, items of the week.......

A travel magazine! :))) ! As I dream to be a travel journalist, I want to see how they do it :)

This is awesome man. You should have one for recording your lessons in school :)

I'm very very sleepy nowww.. it's 1.50 am here.. tomorrow need to attend school @12noon yoohooooo!

How I wrote in this article is not like what I expected ahh =P I'm too sleepy :) so I just can't really express my deep inspirational things in a normal way. Haha!