Sunday, 4 March 2012

Back to my student life in Singapore :))

 Having had the longest holiday ever, now I'm back here again in SINGAPORE! (27th feb 2012) Woooohooooooooo :)) I know I didn't do such traditional style of beginning the journey (you know, the photographs of airport, airplane, sky.. that kind of things), as I was lazy to touch my camera; and it was because I got huge .. not really huge, but rather งุมมะงาหลา- someone please translate this for meee. Eieieieeieiei. 
Well, okay!, don't care what I was talking about just now; but I want to present you ...

DSLR Canon Camera! Screammmm! It would be awesome, if it happens to turn to be a real one. Thanks to P'Kidudu and P'Saosao for buying this 8GB cute thumbdrive as an early birthday gift. I'll take this school! and everytime I see it, I'll remember both of you!! and also remember my great dream to be a journalist.. Hahahaha! I don't think I'll be a photographer, but this thumb-drive does still be a really good representation of what I want to do in the future. I want to be a travel journalist! I don't know how my dream will happen. Anyway, I started to do it write now! Not only that I live my life here as a full-time mass comm. student, but also to share my experiences to whoever reading my blog right now. Yes! You!! I'm talking about you!! :))

Another thing I'd like to present,....

It's my new mobile broadband :), I bought it again as I forgot the old one at my hometown.. TT^TT.. but that's okay! coz' I has decided to have this one!! I can write my blog, do assignments, research at any inspiring places! 

Talking about inspiring places for studying, I want to present you my new alternative place to study ( the last one was at Starbucks). 

Here we go....

(I love this coffee, mannnnn) 

Yeaa, as you see! I already got the assignment questions paper! Scream out loud (in my soul), but yeaa there are research papers that I was asked to read before class will start tomorrow also. Now I've done with reading. The articles are quiet interesting, although I understand only 2 out of 6 papers =P.    

The photo you see above has given you some hints of why I like to study at that place. 

But, the video below will actually give you the answer! (it was stated in my description of this video haha). Enjoy this short video :)! 

1th March 2012 was my 19th birthday! yippieeeeee! I've beening studying in Singapore since I was 17th; so, it's another year that I wasn't home on my birthday. But that's okay! I enjoyed celebrating hereeee..
This year I went for celebration at Clarke Quay with my friend, I'll name her as LuLu hahaha (You'll see that I will give nicknames to every person I refer to in this blog hahahaha; it's fun).

It's a very very cheesy pizza; we couldn't finish it by midnight lol, so I took it home and ate it for brunch on the next day. 

 That's me haha (yeaaaa =-=) and a nice cup of red wine cocktail in a bar at Clarke Quay :) 

3rd March 2012, I went out to Esplanade for reading :) hahaha, I love to move into new environment. It's my way for finding inspiration xD! I had a really great cup of Cappuccino at the library there, and enjoyed studying a Mass Comm. article.    

When I went off the library, I saw this..

Ta-daa!! If you take a good look at the woman wearing read mask..

She's a wonder woman!! :) with a cute teddy bear beside.. oh what a wonderful world that we, as a feminist community, has a wonder.. wonder.. okay never mind, I know I was just talking nonsense..

But I'm not a nonsense person ahh :) I love studying hahahahaaha! That's an evidence. alright..okay..

Those are photos I took that day.. And now it's 00.03! Tomorrow, I'm having class at 9am! I have to go sleep bye bye bye!! hope to share my experience with you soon in next chapter of this blog ;))) goodnight!