Thursday, 19 January 2012

How 'The Sims' Becomes My Reality

 I'm recently taking a general writing course at AUA (American University Association Language Center) in Bangkok :). It's like a general interest writing rather than academic.. Starting from the basic, I learned how to do brain storming. And I think it does help me haha, because I had problem with arranging my ideas when I wrote essays previously. I also learned how to give supporting ideas and make the ideas flow nicely :)  (I do still need to practice writing moreeee and more and more and more ;) )

So.. here is a paragraph of mine that I did for homework.. and it's about 'How the Sims Becomes My Reality" hahaha :P  Here we go.. 


            ‘The Sims’, the all time favorite PC virtual life game, gives me an inspiration to make my dreams become reality. The game’s players can make choices of their sims’ life styles as desire, enjoy life as imaginable and let their passion be fulfilled. The players are able to imitate their sims’ characteristics from themselves; and set the sims lives’ goals as they have in real life. ‘The Sims’ thus gives players opportunities to let imagination of them being the sims flow. I created an identity of a sim as my self-portrait; her traits are “Loves the Outdoors”, “Bookworm”, and “Photographer’s Eye”. She does activities like what I always love to do such as writing fiction, taking photograph and going out doors. On the other hand, the players can let their deep aspirations that they have not achieved in real life happen in ‘The Sims’. For an instance, my aspiration is to be a travel journalist, who drives around the world and have an exciting life; and I saw it happened in the game. Everything could happen in ‘The Sims’ just in few hours, while I was sitting and clicking a mouse. After turning off my computer, my soul was still like my sim. There was a vision without action in my daily life, and that motivated me to make it come true. I agree with what Jamie Paolinetti, American cycling journeyman says, “Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless”. Therefore, I decided to take a writing course, look for a new camera and take driving class, and I am looking forward to my life overseas. Everything that I am inspired from ‘the Sims’ is going to happen in my life.

yay! let's see how it gonna be in my real life, I'm EXCITED :-)