Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sensing Time and Place

Just by walking around places that I’ve been, I feel rhythms of my own footsteps placing on where I used to laugh and enjoy with friends in last year.

But cold air reminds me of somewhere else, too. I think of playing guitar for Christmas performance in 2009 on top hill at rural area back in Thailand. Indeed, Christmas is coming soon! Hohoho!

 I’m listening to Christmas jazz and sipping tea while writing this blog post. On Jango music radio online it’s playing Sleign Ride which reminds me of the Gala dinner in 2011 and in that year I volunteered to work at backstage for musical drama.

Smiling doll in a shop at Oxford street. 
She is waiting for someone to take her home for Christmas.
Hohohohoho! Powerful laughers! 

Photography lets humans capture moments. Recently I just use my phone to take photos because it is very convenient and so that I can edit them via instagram.

Now let’s see pictures that I took at night... 

Matt Redman at Hillsong London !
Hillsong night church at Westminster 
Big Ben rang.. it’s time to go home kids! 

Walking around the city at night makes me think of the Sims, the best life simulation game that I’ve grown up with, maybe?

A sim that I created loves riding bicycle around city at night (well, I controlled her life haha). 
I should find one bike and ride around city.

I am very busy with studying now so I have not been vlogging. Then I feel that maybe I’m good at writing than that. Hehehe, so I hope to share about my life in London often more.

Writing to reflect about life journey seems to be very great to me. I shared about finding lifeplot by going out door in old post.  I am being even more selfie on my secret diary haha and that’s good too.

Atmosphere does affect creativity. In another old post I shared about making private creative space. I always need caffeine and coffee to write. Now I think of decorating my room in London, or at least just write some encouraging words and paste on windows.  I need great inspirations to start proposal of my dissertation which is relating to sensing of time and place, sounds cool?

What is your plan for Christmas?

For me? I’m going to celebrate birthday of Jesus =D That is the heart of Christmas and I hope it’s gonna be the day to bring joy to myself and others.