Thursday, 26 December 2013

Celebrate the Birth of Jesus

This is the first Christmas that I’m not home! (: But I felt so at home on Christmas Day because of Jesus and it’s his birthday. Also, I had celebration at my friend’s home and we had been eating lots of foods haha!

Christmas Carols, Hillsong London at Wembly Arena, 20th December 2013

“He will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of his birth”- Luke 1:14 

True meaning of Christmas is all about peace and happiness! Jesus at the center of it all! 

On the way to celebrate Christmas at my friend's place, 24th December 2013

We had coffee while watching Filipino drama about a family having Christmas party! 
         I am surprised that I think I know what the drama is all about although I do not know the language haha! And the coffee made us feel even more sleepy so we had tea at midnight on Christmas day! 

We ate this Christmas Pudding and drank tea on Christmas! :) Happy birthday to Jesus!
Oh Christmas tree! Sing joyous songs about Christ to the tree haha!

A Christmas present from my friend :) Rejoice!
Another Christmas present!
Another one! I love these cute chocolates!
And another one! I love these English biscuits!

Thank you Daddy God for sending Jesus to be our savior, King, and heavenly best friend ! Remembering His story on the special day is so great that I see an incredible mark for a blessed year ahead!

Now this is in my bed room! 
Santa Claus is flying at the window
Have myself a merry little Christmas on Boxing day, 26th December 2013

Well, it’s not a white Christmas as I used to dream of.  It’s still my favorite day because I know Jesus more and more every day. Once it snows in London, I will have myself another merry little Christmas. Every day is Christmas! 

One of my favorite songs played in my soul on Christmas night is Mercy by Matt Redman. I love the lyrics! 

"May I never lose the wonder, oh, the wonder of Your mercy..."

Because of Your love, I am happy with everything you have for me.
You are Prince of Peace :) and joy in my heart.