Saturday, 19 October 2013

Chill Out Enjoy Life

On Thursday I joined Christian Union of the University of Westminster and we walked to All Souls Church together.

Gathering of Christian students across London  

That night there are Christian students from universities across London. We had fun ice-breaker activity which is very easy to play. All we had to do was be eggs, then be chickens, be lions, be superheroes and then be human beings. Haha!

Worship night at All Souls

I really love the idea of turning church area to be something like a bar for socialization.
We heard about the up-coming and exciting event there for Jazz lovers. Not only that I’m in love with drinking coffee so much, I turn on Jazz when I do assignments. That’s a great way to inspire myself and know that life is all about happiness of freedom. History of Jazz relates to freedom. The Jazz event on January next year is going help us understand about this whole idea of freedom.

Christ has set us free!

In front of All Souls!

Check out my vlog below!

Thank You Lord I submitted my first essay this morning. I've spent the day just to rest and right now I’m listening to Funk Jazz.

Tomorrow is Sunday another awesome day to celebrate with other people who believe in freedom of life. I’ll update with you later! =) 

Jazz Hymn :) What a friend we have in Jesus :D !