Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Double Rainbow!

When you know that Someone is with you and loves you always, there is nothing to worry in life no more. You can just smile and be happy  in every moment of life. 

In summer at my home country He showed me a wonderful rainbow once. Click here to see my blog post 

His love follows me everywhere that I go even now as I'm on the other side of world. In time of seriousness (I was studying in my uni library), He showed double grace! 

Double Rainbow! !!

Rainbow represents God faithfulness. His love was proven 2000 years ago at the cross. 

Hope and joy found in Christ alone :) I celebrate the truth that He set us free everyday!

What should I do for Christmas? Hmmmm :) It'll be amazing here in London :D

The time is up for chasing shadows
You gave the world a light to follow
A hope that shines beyond tomorrow