Sunday, 6 April 2014


Have you ever traced for your favourite fictional characters in your real life? Do you imagine about your relationships with them or create additional storyline? 

Lovely magazine!

Jacqueline Wilson welcoming children at Museum of Childhood

I am a BIG fan of Jacqueline Wilson and I read lots of her books in Thai when I was a child. One of my favourite books is “Girls Under Pressure”. It is  in the collection of four 'girls' series. I love the main character Ellie a chubby girl and her friends Nadine and Magda. When I was a secondary school student back home in Thailand, I used to play a funny game with my friends. I would call it ‘tracing for fictional characters in school.’ One of my best friends looks like Nadine, so we call her by that name. We have not found anyone who really looks like either Ellie or Magda in our school.

I created another story which I adapted some ideas about Ellie and Magda to my Thai fictional characters. Jackie’s book inspired me to write the fiction online and I shared the story to my friends. And then, we traced for more characters that look like the ones from my novel. 

Since September last year I have been searching for the girls that look like Ellie, Nadine and Magda in England. I was so blessed to know three Ellie(s) at my University. I still remember how these girls from Jackie’s fiction influenced me. The characters that she created are so alive in my imagination. I love them and I love Jacqueline Wilson so much! She is my favourite writer of all time! 

The best thing was to meet the person that made these characters alive in my childhood. I am so glad that I met her yesterday at Museum of childhood.  It was an incredible experience I ever had! It was the happiest day of 2014!

The creators of my imaginary friends! Jacqueline Wilson (Author) & Nick Sharratt (Illustrator)
Their names signed on my book! HAPPY! LOVE!

It seems like I was the only one who went there alone with no parents hehe. I love to see all the children and parents. I love the happy family atmosphere. I felt that I was in part of it, even though my mother, and father, sister, and grandmother did not go with me (: I will definitely bring them to the museum when they visit me in London.

Another picture of me and Jackie hehehe

Yes, I do want to be a writer!

Museum of Childhood is a lovely place that everyone should visit. At the gallery the toys from the early days are displayed. 

I love the message about creativity here.

Salmon wrap for my lunch.

Blossom! At the garden nearby Museum of Childhood

Another shot (:

Long shot!

On that day I was reminded that play is so important. It is the can-opener to new ideas and imagination. I should be happy like those little children and do not be afraid to trace my dreams from my childhood. 

And oh, please watch my ‘Alone Together’ documentary. It is in part of my uni project. The idea about the important of play and creativity is in there, too (: All my classes ended and so I am going to spend this time to explore more about inspiring ideas. Make the best out of my time here in London!


I love this song! I like other versions too, but I find this one still the cutest <3