Saturday, 15 March 2014

Happy birthday TO ME (:

21 years ago I came out from my mom's tummy and observed the world for the first time. Congratulations mommy! I am so happy to be your daughter and I thank God for this life that He gave to me (:  

Rainbow's 21st birthday card flew all the way from Thailand to Northwest London.

I actually received this first vivid card from my family a week before my real birthday (my BD is 1st of March). And then I received lots of virtual birthday cards through my Facebook's timeline on the day in Singapore and Thai Time-zone haha. 

On 1st March 2014, I woke up and shouted YOLO! (in imagination). I went out for jogging but it was quite cold, so I came back in my room early. I made myself Thai style noodles which tastes not too bad lol. In the afternoon, my birthday adventure began in Borough Market. 

Oh yes, I forgot to tell that I bought myself rainbow's cookies. I ate this one after I had my lunch and it tastes much better that my noodles haha. 

Borough Market, London.
Pret, somewhere around there :) 

I realized that I went to the market way too early and I just had my lunch. It was not the proper time to have dinner yet, obviously. So, I sat in Pret and reflected for a while. Amazing the song with my name "Somewhere over the rainbow" played in the cafe on by birthday. There was a baby crying so loud seems to remind me that she or he was just like me on my actual date of birth. 

Indian food at Borough Market for dinner. It was standing and eating time. 

Yummy Ice-cream! I was so cold after finished it and could barely breathe afterwards for 15 minutes.

The day was ending with wonderful colours on the sky and shadow from the architecture 

But that was not yet the ending of my celebration...

BBQ pork with Rice in China Town, London.

I celebrated with a friend of mine whose birthday is also in March. I was so happy!! Hoha! 

In this blog I want to share my experience as a student, but I have not told stories about my studying life actually. Probably in next post? Hmmm let me think.. :) 

But I have contributed a post to NSMNSS (New Social Media New Social Science) blog and I hope more of my posts would be published. The first post is the introduction to my postgraduate dissertation and the methods that I am going to use. You can find it via this link 

Yay! I am hungry now and nothing shall stop me from celebrate life. 
Life is a gift worth living. I live to celebrate and one way to do it is to eat :) :) :) :) and other stuffs as well haha. Bye now, I am going out to find yummy lunch for today waaaahooo!