Sunday, 22 April 2012


Nom nom nom nom! It's been a busy week O_O doing assignments. And as I looked at my (messy) hand-made calender, I realized there's 4 more weeks for attending school/ working on my essay, report, etc. This also shows the fact that hulayyyyyyyyy! I'm going to UK soon! A-hemmm..carry on! work! work! work! weeeeehaaaaaa!

During this busy busy busy moment, I've been thirsty  for self-entertainment. And so my title of this post is straight-forward.. say it together, students 1-2-3 "FOOOODS! FOOODS! FOOOODS!".

 Finally, I ate yummy popiah! It's @ NEX, Serangoon :-) fav shopping mall to hang around after school =P

After ate yummy popiah, my stomach rumbled with hunger for more foods lol. So I bought this Vanila ice-cream and ate in Wendy's :-). This ice-cream made me embarrassed.. the cashier just gave me a pipe =-=, and I didn't take a spoon cos' I thought it was a drink.  

Another staff or cleaner? I'm not sure asked me sth in Chinese and I didn't understand. Then, she gave me a spoon. You know, I was so blurred  that I accidentially pushed the ice-cream to floor. My first reation was questioning in my mind. 'Should Ijust take it up and continue eating it?'. But then she saw me O_O, she cleaned, and I walked away @w@.

Hu-lay! And here Cappuccino @ Esplanade Library

On the same day that I drank that cappucino, I ate this nomnomnom @chickenking =-) quiet nice =3 


Japanese Salmon and rice set :-) 

Curry rice with crispy chicken =-) yummmmmieeeee 

Saturday Lunch @ KFC ka-tarkkkk!


Rested from eatting to exercise haha =-) @Punggol Park

=-) enjoyed dinner on Sat 

Goodnight! Always expect good things to happen for the week :D Enjoy life!

All glory, wisdom, power,
Strength, thanks, and honor are
To God our King, who reigns on high
Forevermore =-)